Week 3: 30 Faces / 30 Days

The weeks are flying by, This week started with a focus on ears:

March 30 Faces day 15

Day 15

Day 16 focused on feeling the subject, looking more at the subject than at the drawing, and exploring the image via preliminary contour drawings.

March 30 Faces day 16

Day 16

Day 17 was a day for loosening up and experimenting. Here I used color permanent markers over graphite with white paint pen for highlights:

March 30 Faces day 17 photoshop

Day 17

Day 18: back to graphite. Today’s focus was on ears:

March 30 Faces day 18

Day 18

Day 19: Tired of graphite, and marker was too bold for this muse. Today’s tip was on hatching cross hatching and stippling. I took a chance and tried color watercolor pencil again, even though my past experiences have been disastrous. I approached the colors as if I were doing a wet watercolor, and layered colors in for the face and hair. at the end I added some white paint pen for highlights. I am so happy with this one!

March 30 Faces day 19 1

Day 19

Day 20: Today the tip was about quick sketches, and I was having none of it. When I saw the muse for the day, I knew I wanted something soft and peaceful. I tried charcoal pencil, which I haven’t worked with in decades. [Truly! The charcoal point on the pencil was so dried out I had to sharpen it repeated times before it would mark smoothly. The image was challenging, but I am pleased with my second try.

March 30 Faces day 20

Day 21

Day 21: This week I produced a lot of images I am pleased with. The generic young woman with the zombie eyes, below, is not one of them. Charcoal again, blah image. Day 17, 18, 19 and 20 are clear favorites.

March 30 Faces Day 21 1

Day 21

And now, back to the drawing board!



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