30 Faces / 30 Days …. Week 2

I’m a bit late in posting, but week 2 was great! I am still seeing improvement, although some days my work is less than inspired. [like day 8 – meh]

March 30 :30 Day 8

Day 8

March 30 :30 Day 9

Day 9

March 30 :30 Day 10

Day 10

I love the day 10 picture. I am so pleased that it has a looseness about it, unlike day 11 and 12 below, which have gone back to being too stiff. I have a lot to work on, but days like this energize me!

March 30 Faces day 11

Day 11

March 30 Faces day 12

Day 12

March 30 Faces day 13

Day 13

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 6.00.39 PM

Day 13 was all about rendering hands. But as you can see from the model photo [at right], this was an extreme hand placement. I drew this one over and over, getting crankier with each version. I started muttering that she better not sneeze or she’ll rip out her ear lobes…

Joke was on me. I finally got the hands right, but instead of capturing the otherworldly facial expression of the model, in my drawing, she looks like she’s about to sneeze! And the face looks so stiff!

March 30 Faces day 14

Day 14

For this one I tried something new. I drew the whole thing, studying all of the elements as I went, and got another stiff picture. Then put it aside and drew it again. The result is a drawing that was done quickly, and has a nice loose feeling. I think I learned something… and feel very good about this drawing.


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