Week 3: 30 Faces / 30 Days

This week I can appreciate more and more the value of working daily.  So much so that I’ve signed up for an additional 30 days in March.

02 19 18 Day 15 300dpi

Day 15

Day 15’s model kept reminding me of the “Girl with the Pearl Earring”. I especially like how the hair is handled. I am getting better at rendering sculptural forms in watercolor.

02 20 18 Day 16 300dpi_edited-1

Day 16

Day 16 is one of my favorites. I really like the freshness  and loose execution of the hair. At the same time I really like the layers of crosshatching to build up color and form on the flesh.

02 21 18 Rev Day 17 300dpi

Day 17

I tried to stay looser in Day 17. The challenge here was the back lighting.

02 22 18 Rev Day 18 300dpi_edited-1

Day 18

Today’s tip was to speed up by working smaller … I tried smaller, in pencil, and worked just as long… Oh, well…

02 23 18 Day 19 300dpi

Day 19

So I tried that tip again with the fun photo provided for day 19, and was able to execute this quickly.

02 24 18 Day 19 20 300dpi

Day 20

On Day 20 I tried working exclusively in pure color washes,- no mixing on the palette. I like the translucence I got on the skin.  I think it captures the delicate skin tones of very fair redheads, so I am really pleased with this one.

02 25 18 Rev Day 21 300dpi

Day 2: Today was all about the shapes, – working in monochrome to eliminate the distraction of color. The model photo was in shades of red. I had to tone it down. I used a combo of rose madder and perylene green. {less irritating on the retinas}

So that was week 3. Looking forward to the first photo of week 4 in the a.m.



Week 2: 30 Faces / 30 Days

So… week 2. Looking back on the week, I can see some real progress.

I struggled with color and was so down about it, I initially could see no progress in the color work, but thanks to fellow artists’ comments on Sktchy, I was able to look with fresh eyes and see the progress in the 3rd color attempt this week!

02 12 18 30 faces 30 days scanned

Day 8

02 13 18 30FACES 30DAYS DAY9

Day 9

02 14 18 scanned 30 faces 30 days scanned

Day 10

02 15 18 30FACES 30DAYS DAY11

Day 11

02 16 18 30 faces 30 days day 12 1

Day 12

02 17 18 30 faces 30 days day 12

Day 13

I am excited to be able to now identify a bit of progress with handling color, [thanks Sktchy Artists!] and will be working more with color next week. As for today’s picture [below], the anatomy was complicated enough, so back to my go-to medium, graphite… which will leave me some time to try and clean my sorely neglected house.

02 18 18 30 faces 30 days day 14

Day 14

Stay tuned for more next week!

30 Faces / 30 Days

So I am so happy to be participating in the February Sketchy challenge: 30 Faces / 30 Days. It started on Monday February 5th. The idea is each day all the participants get the same photo, plus some cool art tips to try while making the daily portrait. Once finished, we all post our pictures online. Oh and there are online video tutorials. So far there have been two and they are amazing!

This is such great practice. It gets my butt into the studio and I feel I am improving every day. But to really see the learning curve [or lack thereof], I decided to post the pictures I’ve completed in weekly groups. Here are the week 1 pictures:

02 05 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 1

02 06 18 30 days 30 faces A

Day 2

02 07 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 3

02 08 2018 final

Day 4

02 09 2018

Day 5

02 10 2018

Day 6

02 11 18 30 days 30 faces

Day 7

Stay tuned for the next installment of 30 faces / 30 days… and seriously, for inspiration check out Sktchy on facebook , and at the Sktchy blog.