Yup! It’s that time again. The holiday season is creeping up. Halloween is upon us, and that means only one thing…. Time to start seriously prepping for the holidays. Lots of advice online about decking the halls – that’s the fun part, but before you get to deck the halprep-the-halls-2ls, you gotta prep the halls. Yes, I am talking the dreaded “C” word – cleaning.

I am not thrilled with domestic chores, so I need serious motivation to roll up my sleeves. I have been known to invite company, just so I will be shamed into a whirlwind pre-visit cleaning fit.

Lately, I’ve noticed that when I add a small new item to the decor, I am more willing to spend the extra time to pick up that area – and it stays more tidy. With that in mind, instead of offering a holiday sale at my shop this year, I’m doing a “Prep the Halls” coupon promo – just in time for the pre-holiday cleaning frenzy!

The Gypsies say ‘if you change your curtains, you’ll change your luck’.  It’s a lot easier to change a switchplate, than change the curtains. And with the variety of beautiful Switchplate Art pieces to chose from at SerraCraft you are bound to find something just perfect for your home!